Values and Principles

All of our actions and decisions are guided by our values. They are translated into our methods of management and lead our communication with our partners and clients

  • Security

For Global Cold, security is number one priority. More than just a policy, it’s our culture that is shared for all within our company. An active approach of prevention and dialogue is well implemented, through a number of initiatives within every aspect of our company. All these actions work towards a common goal, the ‘Zero Accident’ policy.

  • Respect and Integrity

Our Corporate responsibility has always been to run our business with the utmost integrity possibly by respecting the people and organizations that we encounter every day.

  • A Positive Impact

We always look to have a positive impact across our brands, operations and our relationships and through the various other ways in which we engage with society.

  • Transparence

We believe firmly in transparent and strong relationships. We are always open and ready to explain our choices. Our words and actions are consistent.

  • Responsibility

We respect our values and fulfill our commitments to our customers and our clients, and strive to impart ethical behavior at all times. We are all working for the success of the company.